A Celtic Psalter

In the many details of this day

let me be fully alive.

In the handling of food and the sharing of drink,

in the preparing of work and the uttering of words,

in the meeting of friends and the interminglings of relationship

let me be fully alive to each instant, let me be fully alive.

~J. Philip Newell, Sounds of the Eternal

I awakened to an early morning chill announcing the arrival of autumn and an assured prophecy of winter. I turned the heat on to take the chill out of the air, for a wood stove in this weather would over heat this small cottage.

I travel to Blue Hill today to meet a soul-sister; a dear, lovely friend whom I have known for years. We will meet for only an hour or two for she works three jobs to keep herself afloat. But, see each other we must. No matter how brief.

From there I head back to Acadia for a hike yet unknown. I have maps, my cameras and tripod in a backpack, water, and sustenance. Who knows what will, or will not, unfold … let me be fully alive to each instant!

In my slow meanderings yesterday I came across a remnant. There it stood, abandoned long ago, mirroring itself in the water. A small gull sat on a broken piling like a mystic ghost watching over this architectural form whose character and soul live on. Is this weathered skeleton an old lobster catch or hold for smaller crates? No one was around to ask. I was there though along with the shadowy gull as my witness and the exquisite remnant … standing there for me and the shutter release of my camera.

Remnant © 2010 Lee Anne Morgan

It is time for my morning walk. The gulls and crows are vocalizing, there is a brisk breeze jostling the trees, and I feel whole … utterly complete. There is nothing I could possibly want in this moment other than what is, though there is much I wish and pray for in our world.

Blessings to all and may each of us be fully alive in each moment.

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