bass harbor, maine – sunday

Today is a day of rest. I settled into the new house rental yesterday with a little bit of  ‘Sturm und Drang’, but that is past and all is well. I managed a four-mile walk this morning and then got to the serious business of food. The winds were up and the tall pines were dancing as colder air arrived. There is no better time to prepare good food then during the first chill of autumn. I have a pot of vegetable soup simmering on the stove with all local farm produce: orange carrots, yellow carrots, parsnips, celery, onion, tender bits of broccoli, two red potatoes, herbs, spices … all in a chicken broth. Brown basmati rice  is also steaming and sitting next to me is a pot of freshly brewed Assam tea. The only thing missing is a sweet. There should always be a cookie or some small sweet to go with afternoon tea. The absence of something sugary though does not diminish the perfection of the moment or the day.

Fog awaited the morning light. I had sworn that I would not work today. No writing. No pictures. Nevertheless, I strolled out as soon as light appeared. My romance with Bass Harbor and its surroundings began: it  took my heart and held it gently in its grasp.

Bass Harbor, Sunday Morning © 2010 Lee Anne Morgan

I am always in awe when I find small, unexpected things to have the elegance and grace of this simple backyard pastoral view of the Harbor. Those who see it every day no longer register that it exists. But it does and it is beautiful.

Bass Harbor View No.1 © 2010 Lee Anne Morgan

While walking away and looking back once more, there was another vantage point I had to capture. The lobster pound, boats, and houses appeared as if they stepped out of a painting … just for you and me.

Bass Harbor View No. 2 © 2010 Lee Anne Morgan

I walked back to the house thinking about my good fortune to be here. It is a gift of grace and a blessing. I downloaded what I believed to be the only pictures of the day. However, not too much later, the sun began its flirtation with the clouds and it managed to break through for a few minutes. I grabbed the camera to see what I could see. How variations in light change the mood, the subject, and the color.

Bass Harbor View No. 3 © 2010 Lee Anne Morgan

I was eager to get back inside as the winds were picking up again and the clouds finally won the day now casting yet a different, haunting light. Ah, but when I turned around to leave, there was one ordinary thing that became the center of my universe for a moment. A modest, simple, and everyday occurrence. Yet, so worthy.

Bass Harbor View No. 4 © 2010 Lee Anne Morgan

I have many roads and trails to travel and ferry boats to catch this week. I remain concerned about the amount of time I have allowed myself to do this work. Nevertheless, I know I am doing what God has given me to do in the time available. And, there is another project (along with fifteen or so other artists) for Hudson Valley Wine Magazine to which I must return to continue my work. This is a grand year-long celebration of Art + Wine. You can get to know the Magazine and read about “The Celebration” event at
or my participation at

Be well and blessings to all …

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