easter morning and the covenant

April 4, 2010 

In preparing for Easter morning, I had an internal debate on whether to go to the sunrise service on the Island or keep my own council with God. I decided on the latter. I did so because He and I made a covenant. Before I began my photography work on this Island, I asked Him to take care of the quality of subject matter and that I, in turn, would handle the quantity — that I would do all the work, and more, required of me.

I had a gnawing sensation that my work here was not yet complete. So, in order to fulfill The Covenant, I walked to the harbor as early dawn began to break. There were no sounds. It was silent, still, and dark except for an almost-half moon when the sun began its rise over the dock.

"Dawn Over The Harbor" © 2010

I had not walked on the beach quite this early before and, therefore, had not seen the first rays of the sun reflecting off the surf as it ebbed and flowed. My instincts were sound in that I had been given more work to do as the sun gently kissed the ocean’s early morning waves.

"Sun's First Kiss" © 2010

And, I almost missed the elegance and grace of color and light on these simple, fallen leaves and twigs dappled with sand waiting to be taken away with the next wave.

"Grains of Sand" © 2010

I wonder about intuition. Is it a guide, an angel, a messenger of God, nudging us towards something sacred? Did God walk with me this morning? I would like to believe that this was so.


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