god was here

March 25-26, 2010

That in the elements of the earth, sea and sky
I may see your beauty,
that in the wild winds, birdsong and silence
I may hear your beauty,
…that in the moisture of the earth and its flowering
and fruiting
I may smell your beauty,
that in the flowing waters of springs and streams
I may taste your beauty,
these things I look for this day, O God,
these things I look for.

  “Sounds of the Eternal”
Morning Prayer by J. Philip Newell

Turbulent surf and strong winds began last night. I was the only one present on the shore as far as my eye could see for the winds were so strong that they moved me about at times. I captured a few, actually 37, images of the waves rolling in and splashing the shore. The ocean’s roar and soaring surf were like Wagnerian arias, sung one after another.

"Wagnerian Aria" © 2010

Today’s sky, even this very moment as I write, is as azure with only mere dollops of white candy-cotton clouds as any thing, place, or mystical land could be. The sun is high with every single leaf, bird, and wave in the ocean celebrating the extravaganza that rode in on last night’s surf and which only God could choreograph.

I observed the first signs of real spring this morning: an abundance of a red flower of which I only saw one or two a few days ago. Her petals, so fragile with yellow stamens within tentatively beginning to open, beckoned me to create an “instant sketch”. This is always, always, a gift for I take nothing for granted when I am with my camera. It is a new, fresh moment, “beginner’s mind”, each time I focus and release the shutter.

"Finally, A Blossom" © 2010

At the setting of the sun, I walked to the ocean side of the Island, and was granted what I waited for since my arrival: a sunset with clouds.

"Sunset Clouds No. 1" © 2010

To see a setting sun over a vast body of water on the East coast of our country transforms perspective. For me, this calms as well as disrupts. This confluence of equanimity and imbalance places this writer and photographer into absolute oneness with whatever I behold. Yes, God was here today and I am blessed to have done what was given me to do.


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