on the road

April 6, 2010 

I left the Island as I arrived: by boat. This morning’s crossing to the mainland was smooth. The sky was clear, the wind light, and the water calm. I thought I would feel a great sadness leaving this remarkable place of solitude and peace in which to do my work without the usual distractions of everyday life. However, I was not sad, for I knew I would return.

Once on the mainland, after off-loading the boat then reloading my car, I was on the road again but not without a breakfast stop at The Perfect Cup in Matlacha (mott-la-shay) — a “must” for great coffee and a full breakfast of eggs, pancakes, French toast, bagels, bacon, sausage, fries, grits or whatever one could conjure in one’s mind if eating home-style food is a goal.

While my breakfast was being made, I took a brief walk to see the old piers behind the coffee shop. I’m so pleased I did for I would never have seen these two wonderful fishing vessels.

"The Seminole Trader" © 2010
"The Becky Joe" © 2010

After breakfast, I was eastbound on Alligator Alley and I found it to be less barren than I remember fifteen years ago. I saw a “minimalist” beauty in its starkness. Yet, the road itself lost its rustic and wild ‘feel’. It’s all sleek and carefully fenced now but still no gas available for an hour and a half, maybe more.  Once I arrived on Florida’s east coast and, specifically, Pompano Beach, I knew that I was back into our world of distractions — cars, lights, signage, people, and noise.

I am in Pompano Beach for a reason though and that unfolds tomorrow.


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