the island

March 18, 2010

The only means of reaching the Island is by boat, which I did a few days ago in cloudy, breezy, cool weather. The pelicans have joined us as have a myriad of other birds.  One third, or more, of the Island is dedicated state land, with amazing indigenous wild life.  The Island, known as North Captiva, has only sandy roads and pathways to everywhere you would want or need to go because no cars are permitted. The esthetic of the Island is not unlike that of the Keys in Hemingway’s day. While some of the homes are quite luxurious, the Island has maintained strict zoning laws so that you see little of them from the beach or walking the sandy pathways.  All the power lines are buried so there is nothing to block one’s view of what is, simply, paradise, whether it’s cloudy, sunny, rains or not.

For the past few mornings, while still in pajamas, I took my camera and a cup of freshly brewed Assam tea out to the harbor. It was dark and as I waited for the first dawn light to manifest, I inhaled the silence broken only by a mere lapping of water against the dock. After sitting for three pre-dawn mornings in a sacred silence, with many cups of tea and one hundred plus images taken, I decided on this one.

"Before The Sun" © 2010


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