Zen Moments

April 1, 2010

Not unlike living in the mountains, where the weather can change dramatically within minutes or a few hours, I find that being on an island surrounded by salt water is not so very different.

A thick fog descended upon the harbor this morning. The sultry air barely moved and even the birds’ vocalizations and conversations were subdued.  Soft rain fell in the stillest of moments. I heard a single drop on a calm tree leaf.

By mid-morning, the sun’s warmth aired out the dampness and fog and presented us with a flawless blue sky and an ocean of serene waves that would dazzle any artist’s palette with its varying hues of aqua, green, and lavender. The brown leaves and palm tree fronds of winter now drift and fall downward making way for the lusciousness of greening plant life birthing into ‘being’ for its spring and summer extravaganza.

So now that nature’s colors abound, I decided to photograph in black and white to create tonal, or tinted, images. I hope the following summons mystery, calm, and remembrances of times long past.

"Harbor Fog" © 2010
"Boat On Horizon" © 2010

I met Fletch at sunset. He possesses the sweetness of a saint, the spirit of a great adventurer, and the nobility of a benevolent king. Fletch was in constant motion so my camera and I finally joined him in his joyous leaps and barks along the shore.

"Fletch's Aerodynamics" © 2010

Fletch went home with his proud parents and I remained once again on the shore waiting for “a moment”. It arrived.

"Sunset in Black and White" © 2010

All is well. For, is not a morning fog magical, a lone boat on a misty morning horizon mysterious, the romping of a spirited dog creating warmth and laughter inside and out a true union of souls, and a sunset that calms all fears and doubts for all those who want to bear witness — are these not the free and abundant gifts of this Great Universe?


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